Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hey Kids!

Can you believe it is less than 220 days? I mean its 219, but still it feels like a milestone. I don't know how I will feel on Dec 15th, when we are less than 200 days away. Its all coming up SO fast, yet so slow. I wish the day would come... I will skip all the days in between to be at my wedding... and that's saying a lot, there are birthdays, anniversaries, turkey dinners, weddings and more all in the next 219 days.

What is left on my to-do list...

Minister: Yes, we have one in mind, but we haven't found the time to ask him yet. We're sure he will say yes, but I would be more relieved to have an answer.

Rings: We have sourced out dozens of rings, none of which fit in the two main categories... 'I like it' and 'I can afford it'. Hopefully we can sort something out soon.

Bridesmaid Dresses: We're working on it, but co-ordinating up to Christmas is a challenge, another task for the new year.

Favors: We change our minds every 5 minutes.

Centre Pieces: This will be determined at our 'details' meeting with the venue, in January.

Gifts: This is the hardest part... we want to give our friends and families the world, but we just can't afford it.

Kids: I don't know... not if we're going to have them, but if they're going to be at the wedding.

Stag & Doe: This is in the works, but I am off the committee and wondering about details.

Rehearsal Dinner: This is a bone of contention... it might not even happen. We have the venue for rehearsal on the Thursday prior, but that's inconvenient for everyone. We would have it Saturday at our place, but that seems to annoy everyone... I don't care enough to fight it.

Hotel: I need to secure the hotel for our layover in Atlanta.

I think that's all I have left to figure out... I think that is pretty good. Wish my luck...


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